As a powerful opioid, heroin is an addictive and illicit drug that can seem to take over a person’s life and health. Using this drug can create addiction and dependence, even in the short term. Once this occurs, it can be hard to stop using, even if you want to do so. That is when substance abuse treatment programs become necessary. The comprehensive heroin addiction treatment program at Paramount Recovery Centers provides the resources you need to stop using heroin for good.

When Is a Heroin Addiction Treatment Program Necessary?

group therapy in a heroin addiction treatment programWhen a person uses heroin, their brain chemistry is affected. The drug changes the way the brain functions, creating dependence. Over time, a person feels so reliant on the drug that they feel intense cravings and physical signs such as pain and insomnia if they try to stop using it. This happens because of the way the drug interacts with the brain’s pleasure center. There, it creates a feel-good high that people want to keep experiencing. Once the brain and body are dependent, professional treatment is usually the only way to stop using.

A person may benefit from a heroin addiction treatment program if they:

  • Feel intense cravings to use the drug
  • Tried to stop using and failed to do so
  • Use a lot of the drug and cannot control how much they are using
  • Feel pain, stress, and anxiety when they try to stop using
  • Have overdosed before after trying to stop using

What Happens in a Heroin Addiction Center?

Deciding to get help is lifesaving, but it can be hard to do because of the unknown. Unlike what you may see on TV, heroin treatment programs are designed to be welcoming, comfortable spaces where you’ll work closely with licensed professionals and others facing the same challenges you are. During treatment, you’ll have access to our luxury facility, where you’ll enjoy a beautiful, secluded outdoor area and ample privacy.

Once you receive a full assessment, an individualized treatment program is created for you. This treatment program may include various types of therapy such as:

  • Medication-assisted therapy: This will help you stop using heroin without feeling withdrawal symptoms or cravings. It can help to make no longer using a bit easier to do.
  • Evidence-based therapy: Using programs such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy, your therapist will work with you on overcoming the damage caused by addiction.
  • Holistic therapy: Many people also benefit from holistic therapy programs such as mindfulness-based stress reduction. Even spending time in nature can help a person to heal.
  • Family therapy: A core component of therapy often revolves around healing the family unit so that all members can support a person in recovery. Family therapy takes time and can be very effective at restoring confidence.
  • Long-term therapy: Ongoing support and therapy are critical for anyone with heroin addiction. This addiction doesn’t go away, but you can keep it at bay long term with sober living programs and aftercare support.

Start Drug Treatment in Our Central Mass Rehab

Our heroin addiction treatment in Massachusetts is designed to be a place where you feel welcome and supported. You do not have to face heroin addiction on your own or feel like you cannot heal from the damage it caused in your life. The better option is to work closely with our team to create a path forward that fits your best outcome.

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Your life does not have to be defined by heroin. With heroin addiction treatment, it’s possible to rebuild relationships and improve health. At Paramount Recovery Centers, we offer the wide range of resources and supportive therapists you need to make that happen. From heroin addiction to alcohol addiction, our team is ready to help you. Contact us today by completing our online form.