Holistic Treatment

What Is Holistic Treatment?

With holistic treatment, the whole person is considered when approaching treatment for various maladies, including mental health disorders and substance abuse. The goal is to treat the individual and not just the problem. Everyone responds differently to therapy, and by focusing attention on the mind, body, spirit, and emotions, the full impact of treatment can…

Sober Living for Addiction

3 Benefits of Sober Living for Addiction

For many who have completed an addiction treatment program, avoiding substance use when they’re no longer attending a program can be difficult. Most – especially those admitted into inpatient programs – will require an extension of support to remain in recovery. To ease the transition from recovering in an addiction treatment facility to recovering in…

man looking out over the city plagued by the opioid epidemic problem

Understanding the Severity of the Opioid Epidemic

In 2017, a public health emergency was declared due to the opioid drug epidemic. The pharmaceutical companies convinced doctors that opioid pain relievers were not addictive for twenty years, and they began to overprescribe them with little oversight. It was too late by the time science caught up and recognized how addictive and destructive they…

Man wish alcoholism in ned of alcohol abuse treatment in MA

5 Risks of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol affects every part of the body. And not in a positive way. Excessive drinking can cause lifelong damage to the physical body. From damage to organs to brain shrinking, the myriad complications related to alcohol abuse are why it is so important to consider entering an alcohol addiction treatment center if you are unable…

woman in Addiciton recovery out doors enjoying life

Do I Need a Full Continuum of Care for Addiction Recovery?

A continuum of care refers to treatment being provided from the moment you walk in the door for an evaluation all the way through aftercare. You progressively move down one level of care as you take the necessary steps on the path to sobriety. The help you need to keep ticking off your recovery accomplishments…