group discussing a sober living programIn a sober living program, individuals develop the skills needed to recognize and cope with daily struggles related to addiction recovery. Preventing relapse starts with having a supportive and nurturing environment that puts recovery first. Contact Paramount Recovery by completing our online form to learn more about how a sober living program can help people working to overcome chemical dependency.

Who Can Benefit from Massachusetts Sober Living?

We make it easy for individuals at Paramount to keep coming to addiction therapy appointments, support groups, and 12-step meetings by working with community sober living programs. For people who have recently completed an addiction treatment program but aren’t ready to live independently, a sober living program offers both freedom and structure.

How Long Does Sober Living Last?

Clinical milestones determine when a guest is ready to graduate and move on from a sober living program. Together with your therapist, you will outline a sober living plan of action.

Finishing a sober living program is a huge milestone, and your program will want to make absolutely sure you are ready before you leave. To this end, sober living programs typically offer a number of treatment programs, all with a focus on healing the mind, body, and soul that will encourage sober living guests to attend. No matter the nature of your addiction, there is a program that can help you work toward achieving independence and ultimately position you for ongoing success.

These programs include:

Sober Living Encourages Lifetime Recovery

Individuals who come to Paramount Recovery are looking for more than a short burst of sobriety. They are looking to make a permanent change in their lives. They are looking for lasting results and personal connections. This is what a sober living assistance program is all about, and Paramount Recovery Centers can work to get you the help you need at a local community sober living program.

If you or a loved one is ready to take this step toward ongoing recovery, we are proud to direct you to a sober living program. Contact us today by completing our online form to learn more about sober living program options.

Benefits of Sober Living

At the beginning of your recovery journey, it’s best to avoid events, people, and places that will make you be tempted to drink or use drugs. Even drugs that you weren’t necessarily addicted to are likely to lower your defenses and cause you to relapse. Your therapist, sponsor, and Paramount Recovery addiction treatment team will offer more insight into approaching a sober living program and what your recovery timeline might look like. We know this: being around people who are drinking and using any kind of recreational drugs can make it immensely difficult to avoid relapsing. A sober living program makes it easy to attend appointments, meetings, and recovery-related events.

Having a Supportive Sober Network Makes a Difference

Even if you try to avoid situations where drinking and drugs will be present, you will likely get cravings occasionally. Rather than ignoring the temptation to use drugs and alcohol, a sober living program encourages guests to acknowledge these issues with a therapist or person in recovery. Your sober network will help you remember the consequences of drug and alcohol use and how your experiences with drugs and alcohol have negatively affected your life in the past.

If drugs have caused problems in your life, these problems will only get worse as you get older. A sober living program is an excellent approach to addiction recovery and can help you get back on your feet.

A sober living program is ideal for someone who wants to hold on to their sobriety outside of their typical environment. Contact Paramount Recovery to learn more about sober living opportunities in the community.