Suboxone is a drug that shows a lot of promise for helping people to stop using opiates. Yet, there are risks to using this drug, which may put a person in the position of needing additional help, including addiction treatment. Used properly with proper control, it can be at the heart of a medication-assisted treatment program. Could suboxone treatment be right for you? To find out, reach out to Paramount Recovery Centers today to get the support you need.

What Is Suboxone Treatment?

A person using opiates may find it nearly impossible to stop using on their own. That’s because of the way these drugs interact with and change the brain’s chemistry. Because of this, a person may feel intense cravings and physical withdrawal symptoms when they stop using. Those symptoms are so powerful that it’s nearly impossible to stop using the drug. Willpower alone is not enough. That’

s where suboxone treatment may be recommended.

This drug works to reduce the symptoms of opiate withdrawal significantly. In doing so, a person can safely stop using the drug without feeling those intense symptoms. This makes it easier to stop using and start healing, especially over time. You may benefit from this treatment if you:

  • Feel cravings for opioids
  • You cannot stop using even though you want to do soSuboxone Treatment
  • Feel as though you are using more drugs on a continued basis
  • Have relapsed previously
  • Have intense pain, agitation, mood swings, and insomnia when not using

Is a Suboxone Treatment Program Safe?

The key to remember is that this drug can be very effective when used properly and in a controlled program with a treatment center. It can help you stop using opiates for good. However, some people may overuse this drug as well. This is when suboxone addiction can form. If you are using this drug and cannot stop using it on your own, you can get the treatment that does not use these drugs or any other addictive drug.

How to Get the Right Care in a Suboxone Treatment Program in Massachusetts

Our dedicated team of professionals at Paramount Recovery Centers is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive care. When you come in to see our therapists and medical team, you’ll learn more about each of the therapy options available and the wide range of therapies we use to help a person stop using drugs.

We offer Suboxone treatment for those who are battling opiate addiction because of how effective it is. In addition, it can be very safe to use in a controlled environment and may make all of the difference in helping you stop using opioids. As a part of our medication-assisted treatment, the goal is not to have a person use this drug for the long term. Rather, it is used just long enough to encourage the brain to heal and return to proper function.

This is one component of treatment. We use it and a wide range of other therapies to help each person find the healing and strength they need to stop using drugs for good. Your health depends on it. With treatment, it may be possible for you to fix relationships, create a new path moving forward, and reduce the risk to your life. Our therapies include:

  • Medication-assisted therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Family therapy programs
  • Motivational interviewing programs

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Decide to get help for your addiction. With suboxone treatment available at Paramount Recovery Centers, we can help you stop using for good, giving you the ability to restore your physical and mental health. Learn more when you reach out to us online for an appointment.