group meeting through an alumni programThe path towards healing from drug and alcohol addiction takes time and a lot of ongoing work. It can be invigorating to leave treatment knowing you have a new lease on life. Yet, even when you have that confidence, you may have more difficult or challenging times. That’s where an alumni program can help you. As one of the addiction treatment programs in Massachusetts that we offer at Paramount Recovery Centers, we encourage you to reach out to us today for immediate help.

What Is an Alumni Program?

An alumni treatment program is an opportunity to continue to come back to your therapist and the services available to you even after you’ve left formal treatment. As an alumnus, you may want and need to stay connected with the people that have helped you heal and work through the challenges addiction brought into your life. An alumni program provides different opportunities for you to do just that.

What Happens in an Alumni Treatment Program?

The goal of treatment is always to provide a person with the best treatment possible to eliminate the desire to use drugs or alcohol. Yet, anyone with an addiction learns that it can be tough to overcome negative thoughts and high stress some days. With an alumni program, you gain ongoing support for your needs when you need it. You are always welcomed back for the care you need.

Some of the resources available in an alumni treatment program include:

  • One-on-one therapy sessions when needed
  • Group meetings for support and reassurance
  • Dedicated professionals to help you with stress management, triggers, and high-risk situations
  • Activities and events planned for all alumni members throughout the year
  • Resources as well as ongoing support from people who understand what you’re facing

There is no judgment in an alumni program. Rather, it is the type of place you may want to go when it’s time to refresh and refocus.

Why Is Having an Alumni Network So Important?

When choosing a location to secure drug and alcohol treatment, it’s critical to explore the wide range of services. Organizations that offer an alumni network are there for the long haul. They listen and provide resources on an ongoing basis to help you stay on the healing path.

Every person faces stress. Many people face a lot more stress at home, on the job, or with their friendships. Sometimes, you may be facing physical challenges or struggling to get ahead. All of this adds up. If you do not have a strong support system to rely on, including an alumni network, you may struggle to remain sober. Your quality of life may no longer be as good as it should be. Yet, this type of network of supporters can comprehensively change your outcome.

What to Expect from Our Alumni Treatment Program in Massachusetts

Our team at Paramount Recovery Centers offers the comprehensive level and type of care you need in one place when it comes to finding the treatment you need. That includes providing a range of therapy programs, including sober living and aftercare treatment. Our alumni program is one of those tools as well. Learn more about some of the therapies we offer, so you know what makes us different:

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As you consider where to go for addiction treatment, allow our dedicated professionals at Paramount Recovery Centers to help you. Our alumni program is one component of the care and resources we offer to help our clients heal from the damage addiction creates. Learn more when you reach out to us online for additional support.