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About Us

Located in Central Massachusetts, Paramount Recovery Centers is a leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that combines environmental enrichment with respectful, compassionate care. What sets us apart is that our team members genuinely care about every person in our care. We construct each guest’s medication-assisted treatment (MAT)-friendly program based on their individual psychological, health, nutrition, and exercise goals. We are eager to open our treatment center to the public in the fall of 2021.

What We Offer

Addiction Treatment Programs

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Sober Living

People struggling with moderate to severe addiction often benefit from the opportunity to heal outside their typical surroundings. Our Massachusetts drug treatment campus offers the community, tools, and environment people need in order to heal. To that end, we can refer patients to well-structured sober living programs, which will support long-term recovery. Our strong medical program and respectful approach make Paramount the ideal place to heal and move forward.

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IOP Treatment

Also known as intensive outpatient treatment, our IOP allows guests to attend therapy and process group sessions during the day while giving them the freedom to return home in the evenings. The main advantage of our IOP is that clients can maintain their work, school, or family schedules while taking control of their recovery. Our Paramount Recovery team will work with your family to determine if our intensive outpatient program is right for you.

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PHP Treatment

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is similar to our intensive outpatient program. However, patients in a PHP are medically monitored during their visits. Our partial hospitalization program provides a robust treatment schedule while allowing patients to return home in the evenings. At Paramount Recovery Centers, our therapists will evaluate your needs for recovery and may recommend a medication-assisted PHP program.

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12-Step Program

At Paramount Recovery, each of our 12-step-informed programs offers the skills and strategies that have proven to be the most effective for helping people have a lasting recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. Completing the 12 steps allows chemically dependent people to control cravings long enough to overcome the denial and guilt that have been holding them hostage.

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Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs

Our substance use disorder treatment programs employ an array of evidence-based approaches that treat both substance use disorders and existing co-occurring conditions. We treat depressive and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, and attention deficit disorder. Our treatment programs at Paramount help prevent co-occurring conditions from reinforcing one another.

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Addiction Therapy Programs

When people need help managing their medications and addressing chemical dependency issues, healing is best achieved in a comfortable and therapeutic treatment environment. If mental health and addiction issues are standing in your way, the addiction therapy programs we offer at Paramount Recovery Centers offer each guest the chance to start living a life they can be proud of.

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